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Quick and efficient download manager

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Download quickly.

Utilizing the aria2 backend, Varia helps you take advantage of your connection
speed to its fullest when it comes to downloading files.

Pick up where you left off.

With Varia, you can pause your downloads and continue downloading them
afterwards, even after rebooting your computer.

Connect it to your browser.

Varia integrates seamlessly with Firefox and Chrome/ium through
an extension. It can route all downloads to itself.

Powerful underneath.

Schedule your downloads with a powerful scheduler function.
Use basic authentication and import cookies from a file.
Enable remote mode to control a remote aria2c instance.

Torrent support.

You can use Varia to download torrents easily as well.

Use it easily.

Varia has a very simple and easy to understand user interface.

It's all open.

Varia is open source software, which means the building blocks of it are publicly
available. You can take a look at it and contribute to it.

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